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Visit our Vermont studio to experience it all in person while our new website is under construction.

About Us

Welcome to the expanded offerings of Stone Revival Gallery & Gift Shop and the home of M. Julian Isaacson’s stone and wood sculpture gallery. We also offer an endless variety of works from 15 Local Vermont Artisans.

Stone Revival – a Vermont Country Gallery, features Fine Art  by Sculptor M. Julian Isaacson. His specialty is Bas Relief in hardwood and marble and designed to accent your home or office. His hand carved memorials and works in the round are of special note. He also has developed a unique process to reproduce the hand carved Marble Fine Art. Stone Revival Custom Hand Made Imperial tiles.

Featured artist M. Julian Isaacson is a classically trained sculptor. He began studying his father’s sculptural work at a very young age, and initially worked solely in hardwood sculpture using only hand tools. In 1986, Isaacson expanded his sculptural repertoire to include marble.

His years of painstaking work with hand tools on hardwood fine-tuned his skills and enhanced his results in stone. He finds stone to be “a much more challenging medium, which allows more expedient results with finer detail.”

Visit Us

Visit our sculpture studio outside the Gallery entrance in Spring, Summer and Fall to see the artist at work. He often has multiple marble pieces in the works at one time.

Our Studio

1354 Vermont Rte 100,
Stockbridge, VT 05772, USA