Sculptor M. Julian Isaacson specializes in commission hand-carved bas relief portraits in both marble and hardwoods. Capturing a person(s) at a magic moment in their life is a remarkable memorable gift. Julian has the ability to capture a person’s personality and depth of character using just hammer and chisel. In commissioning a portrait, the client provides a series of photographs to work with, and the sculptor works with that and the person’s story. You as the client help him create the magic found in his portraits.


Julian’s technique is called “direct carving” where the “cartoon” or image is drawn directly onto the stone and the details are developed as he works. He also works in beautiful natural hardwoods to create bas relief portraits and commission works. As a memorial, Julian can carve the original in marble, and then create reproductions of the piece for other family members and friends.


Contact M. Julian Isaacson at Stone Revival – a Vermont Country Gallery to discuss your vision.