Stone Revival – a Vermont Country Gallery, has developed a unique process to reproduce The Fine Art created by Sculptor M. Julian Isaacson to create specialty Interior Design items to accent your home or office. Stone Revival Custom Hand Made Reproductions are limited editions. The original is a Bas Relief, hand carved by the artist with hammer and chisel in marble, then molded and cast in a high-quality durable plaster called tuf-stone. The base color is organic cement dye, and can be custom colored to match the clients’ décor.


The finished works can be hand painted, faux finished or left in their natural color. The sealant is stain and weather resistant and they are installed like any customary tile. The tiles are multi- purpose for both interior and exterior use.


The artist has developed a series of beautiful, colored and hand finished Fine Art Reproductions for you to pick from that are easily built in and affordable. The artist will also work with you to create originals that are designed specific for your home or business application. Sculptor M.Julian Isaacson uses this same technique to develop Portraits that can be reproduced for other family members as gifts or as a Memorial.


Custom Interior Ideas:


  • Custom Tiles
  • Water Features – wall or pool installations
  • Marble Bas Relief Interiors
  • Custom Fireplace Surround
  • Custom Wall Murals
  • Custom Carved Marble Showers
  • Functional Art


Stone Revival will assist you in creating Custom Interior accents that meet your specifications. Contact Stone Revival – a Vermont Country Gallery directly to discuss your vision.

Molding Process