M. Julian Isaacson, is a self-trained artist and sculptor. He has been designing and creating unique sculptures in stone and hardwoods for over40 years. As a sculptor, his unique background influences his works of art. M.Julian Isaacson was born and raised in Vermont and is a direct descendant of the Osage tribe in Oklahoma through his mother Eileen, and of Russian-Jewish descent through his paternal grandparents. His parents were both artists trained under Zorak and De Creff at the Art Students League in New York City. One of seven artistic and musical children, Julian was the sole child to follow in the art of Sculpture, Julian’s ability to sculpt in natural mediums has been enhanced as a result of being born colorblind – he is not “blinded” by color, which brings depth to his style.
“M. Julian Isaacson’s sculptural masterpieces, (both bas relief and in the round), are as deeply connected to Vermont’s people and land as is his picturesque art gallery. Stone Revival – a Vermont Country Gallery resides in a beautifully refurbished red barn at the edge of a field on Route 100 in Stockbridge Vermont. The gallery is filled with stunning bas-relief sculptures. Life like farmers, Native Americans, buffaloes, trees and birds appear on slabs of local marble and hardwood, revealing the artist’s preference for themes of nature and community. Isaacson’s particular focus is the connection of humans to the natural world.” 7 days – The Story in the Stone.


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